Dirt Crits Race 12 - 18th February 2014

Dirt Crits Race 12 - 18th February 2014

Pre-Junior Participation

It was great to see the participation of some very junior riders on balance bike- Ruby Rademaker (with Shannon and Narelle, and of course Alice providing emotional support) and also Lexie Meek (with Chad and Skye).

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Junior Event

Kate’s enthusiasm with the Juniors is always evident as it rubs off on the children.

Before the beginning of the event Kate reminded the riders to ensure that they left enough space between each other- no elbows or rubbing tyres!

All the children had a great ride and try really hard to improve their personal best each week. They were rewarded with watermelon at the end of their event.

We hope to see you at Riflebutts Reserve at 5:15pm next Tuesday.

Senior Event

After a bike weekend of riding for some club members it was going to be interesting to see how they pulled up and recovered for this event.

The handicapper is closing the gap for many riders, with the target being the 40min mark. Many riders are finishing within a minute either way of that target, with a few still needing closer attention. It was great that Jai Lerch-MacKinnon recorded his first win of the season- Well done Jai.


1st Jai Lerch-MacKinnon- 36.25 (4 laps) 2nd Rod Sargeant- 37.21 (5 laps)
rd Matthew Empey- 37.29 (4 laps)

The current points standing to date is-

1st place- Mike Davies- 234 points 2nd place- Anthony Plummer- 194 points 3rd place- Aaron Sargeant- 179 points

Thanks to Foley for bunting the course this week.

Duty Roster

Senior event- Katie Bowker and Kieren Payne.

Next Week’s Ride

Cam is working on a different course, but there are still some things to iron out, so next week’s race will be held on Course 1.

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