6/11/2014 results





1/Kian Lerch-Makinnon

2/ David Heatley

3/D Bakker

4/J Brega

5/ B Halket

6/ W MacDonald

7/ P Lange

8/ J Eisner

9/ C Hopkins

10/ C Lachal










Masochism. There’s a fair bit needed to be good at the Individual Time Trial. Those members of the Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club who are keen on self flagellation lined up on Chapel Hill Road on Thursday 30 November for 11km of pain* out to Three Chain Road and back.

First away was Jodie Batchelor (resplendent in her new ‘aero’ helmet) on the comeback trail after injury. Another 19 sickos followed her at one-minute intervals.

Unsurprisingly, Josh Hopwood rode the fastest time of 15 minutes and 46 seconds. Closest to that was Tristan with 16:19 followed by Bruce Halket, Matt Young, Darren Bakker and Paul Lange as the only others to break 18 minutes.

However, with Handicaps taken into account, Josh also took the win, which was only slightly less surprising. He was followed in the final results by Halket (16:00), David Bock (16.05), Lange (16.08) and Young (16.18). Mioni, Alain Guerin, Bakker, Damian Grundy and Cam Lachal rounded out the top ten.

Many thanks to our officials and volunteers: John, Tony W, Tony M and Will. I’m sure they all volunteered this week since it’s easy to organise a Time Trial and so they could avoid the masochism. Or perhaps they’re just sadists!

The MMBCC’s Summer Series continues on Thursday 6 November with next Handicap Race along Benalla Road, starting at Dead Horse Lane. Entries via SMS to 0438 513 355 by 8pm Wednesday please.

*The pain isn’t really that bad… I’m just a whinger.

(Bruce Halket)

RESULTS 23/10/2014
1st 20 – David Bock 38.00 (started when limit
2nd 26 – Alain Geurin s.t.
3rd 18 – Amy Jewson s.t.
4th 17 – Kat McKean s.t.
5th 21 – Tony Williams s.t.
6th 1 - Josh Hopwood 40.20 (fastest time).
7th 9 – Bruce Halket s.t.
8th 2 – Mitch Greenway s.t.
9th 6 – David Heatley s.t.
10th 3 – Foley Lachel s.t.
11th 8 – Kian L-M s.t.
12th 22 – Di condie 40.51
13th 29 – Tony Morris s.t.
14th 14 – Christine Hopkins s.t.
15th 13 – Steve Plummer 41.15
16th 7 – Jarrod Appleton s.t.
17th 4 – Jock Brega s.t.
18th 5 – Darren Bakker s.t.
19th 23 – Dave Clark s.t.
20th 25 –Will McDonald s.t.
21st 11 – Damian Grundy 41.28
22nd 16 – John Eisner s.t.
23rd 12 – Jason Parker 42.20
24th 10 – Dave Moore 42.52
First race back - Whitfield rd Handicap winners:
A Grade: Darren Bakker
B Grade: Matt Young
C Grade: Amy Jewson
Thursday 27 March 2014. Bakker Handicap.
As the season started, so it ended with solid rain confronting twenty three enthusiastic starters for the final race of the summer cycling series, the Bakker Plumbing Handicap.
Held on the Whitfield road last Thursday, the 25km event saw Will Grundy and Deb Salatenna head off first followed by Andrew Calvert-Jones and then by Ian Conrick, David Bock, Tony Williams and Pater Ellett. Will MacDonald , Craig Wilson and John Eisner were off next some three minutes later followed by Allan Gerrans, Steve Plummer, Darren Bakker and Dave Moore.
Anthony Plummer, Jason Parker and Damien Grundy made up block while scratch consisted of Josh Hopwood, Jock Brega, Foley Lachal, Bruce Halket and Stefan Vaivars.
Will and Craig rode well together as did the Ellett group as they mopped up Deb and Andrew.  The rest of the groups were also looking smooth and at the turnaround scratch were closing the gap on the groups out front.
Peter Ellett and co. hung on well with Peter taking out the generous first place prize of $70 with Ian sneaking in to second and Andrew completing the podium. Tony and Will Grundy were in the money with 4th and 5th and after a bit of elbow wrestling, scratch and block made up the top ten. Bruce Halket rode well to take out fastest time for the night.
A Big thanks to Darren and Trish Bakker for sponsoring the event and producing some nice medals for the winners and thanks to our crew of volunteers.