Thursday 6 March 2014 - Barwite Loop

Twenty four cyclists fronted up for last Thursday’s 20km Barwite Loop Handicap in perfect cycling conditions.

Birthday boy , Dave Clark struggled in the early hills as did Dick Forrest but Katie Moore broke away and was joined on the Coombsberg by David Bock, Ian Conrick and John Eisner. Gus Muscara also caught up to the the group and together the five rode well down the back strait.

Embarrassingly, Stefan Vaivars was forced to use the small chain ring on the ascent up the big hill but Josh Hopwood rode strongly off the front of his scratch group, skipping block and eventually joining Anthony Plummer, Jason Parker, Dave Moore, Di Condie and Jodie Batchelor who in turn caught Bock et al in a well handicapped finish.

In the end Jason Parker led out and in a tussle of tired legs, Plummer and Eisner contested the final sprint with Anthony winning by a wheel. Jason was third and Josh fourth (and fastest) with Dave Moore, Jodie,Di, Gus, Dave Bock and Katie making up the top ten.