Thursday 6 February 2014. Howes Creek Rd

Despite temperatures in the mid thirties, 29 cyclists fronted up for the 25km Howes Creek Rd Handicap Last Thursday.
Sue Hall, Will Grundy and Deb Salatenna took off early and did a lot of hard work without the assistance of a bunch. Di Condie, Jodie Batchelor, David Bock and John Eisner worked well to catch Geoff Jones and Katie Moore and eventually Andrew Calvert-Jones.
At the rear of the field, scratch caught block and the effort over the rolling hills in the heat was intense.
Thanks largely to a solid effort by Jodie Batchelor, the group managed to stay away until it fragmented over the last few hills and Jodie rode off the front to take a good win.
A tactical course confusion by Andrew let John slip into second place with Andrew third. David Bock rode consistently to place fourth with Janine Appleton continuing her good form to beat the rest of her group and place fifth. Tony Copland, Sue Hall, Katie Moore and Will Grundy made up the top nine and Tony Williams tactically slipped into tenth to record a score towards the club championship.