Thursday 13 February 2014. Benalla Road.

Deb Salatenna and Sue Hall combined as an effective duo as they set of as the limit group in last Thursday’s handicap cycling race. Some four minutes later. Will Grundy, Tony Morris, Katie Moore, Tim Hall, Di Condie and David Bock set off in pursuit with the group of Tony Williams, Alain Guerin, Tony Copland, Jodie Batchelor and Janine Appleton two minutes further back. Steve Flew, Christine Hopkins, Will MacDonald and Dave Moore made up the intermediate group with Cam and Foley Lachal, David Heatley, Damian Grundy and Jock Brega making up block. Set a tough assignment, Mitch Greenway and Kian MacKinnon left just over a minute later as the scratch duo.
Straight away Mitch punched hard and rode away from Kian before catching and riding away from block. Riding well together, Sue and Deb stayed out until the well sorted intermediate groups caught them with only three k’s to go. In the final sprint, Tim Hall timed it well and took out a good win with a very close bunch scrapping for the rest of the top ten with Tony Copland getting up over Jodie for second and Di, Janine, David,Tony Williams, Katie,Deb and Sue rounding out the remaining ten spots.


4 up Sprint next. Entries via SMS to 0438 513 355 by 8pm Wednesday please.