MMBCC Mountain Bike News - 2 May 2011

Hi all,

This is a reminder that the information about MTB races is now on the MMBCC website.  I have just sent the information re yesterday to Mark so it should be up soon.

You will need to subscribe to the website to receive updates.  Bruce explains how - below.


To do this, go to and type your email address in the box on the right and hit the button below it. (The top one is for the Latest News updates, the second one is for other special updates like a last-minute change of time or venue. You'll need to do one, then the other.) This will take you to the Blogtrottr website. They'll send you a message to the email address you entered. When you receive the Blogtrottr email, click on the link within it to confirm your subscription. And that's it!


Thanks everyone for yesterday.  It looked like people had a good time.  Make sure you tell your mates and get them along too.  Let us know if you think of ways to make the races better.  The race loop will change each week and we will try to bunt the course by Sunday morning.  If you are not familiar with the reserve and have a bit of time then try to get there early enough to ride a lap before 2:00pm - after you register of course.


This is the last MTB email - from now on you will receive an email from blogtrottr letting you know that the website has been updated.