MMBCC News 5 May 2011

Mountain Biking and Pilates.

Mountain Biking.

Hello Dirt Critters,

Ok so there has been a few people interested in a MTB skills session. These skills session are available to anyone and all abilities. Each session will run for just over 1 hour before each race of the Autumn Series.

MTB Skills Session 1 - Base Fundamentals
When: Sunday 8th May 
Time: 12.00 - 1.15pm
Costs: $10pp
Where: Rifle Butts Reserve
MTB Skills Session 2 - Pumping & Rolling
When: Sunday 22nd May
Time: 12.00 -1.15pm
Costs $10pp
Where Rifle Butts Reserve
MTB Skills Session 3 - Cornering up & down hill
When: Sunday 29th May
Time: 12.00 -1.15pm
Costs: $10pp
Where: Rifle Butts Reserve
MTB Skills Session 4 - Descending & Drops
When: Sunday 5th June
Time: 12.00 -1.15pm
Costs: $10pp
Where: Rifle Butts Reserve
Bookings essential please contact Shannon Rademaker on ATC Shop: 03 5775 2724  M: 0409 552 564 or email
Shannon Rademaker


20% discount on pilates classes for MMBCC members.
With the days getting shorter and the weather cooler, why not take the opportunity to boost your core strength via pilates classes with Uschi at Positive Moves Pilates. (Wind, rain and dark are no obstacle when you’re exercising indoors!)
MMBCC members purchasing a five class pass in the months of May or June pay only $55 – a 20% discount on the normal price.
So what is pilates?... Simply put, it’s an exercise system designed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness. The exercises target both your bigger ‘mirror muscles’, and the equally important ‘deep stabilisers’ that help to ensure you move safely and freely. While pilates is often thought of as the ‘ab exercise of choice’, it’ll actually give you a great all-body workout... whether you’re a fella or a lady.
With a couple of months of pilates under your belt, you may well find yourself spinning those pedals stronger and for longer by the time spring comes ‘round!
Group classes currently run Mondays at 6pm; Wednesdays 5.30pm; and Thursdays 12.30pm.
Make sure to contact Usch on 0427 849 777 to book your spot.
You can also check out all the details at