Thursday 27 February 2014. Howes Creek Road.

Howes Creek Rd was again the venue for last Thursday’s Cycling handicap.
Deb Salatenna took off first followed by Di Condie, Katie Moore, Craig Wilson and David Bock.
Next off was Tony Copland, Allan Gerrans, Ian Conrick and Janine Appleton followed by Jason Parker and Will MacDonald.
The bigger scratch group of Bruce Halket, Jock Brega, Foley Lachal, Cam Lachal, David Dunn and Tom MacMunn were given four minutes.

Fresh back from knee surgery , Craig looked ok as his group worked consistently and kept the field at bay. Janine joined Will and Jason and together they chased the Wilson group however Craig rode well off the front and Bocky and Di worked well to stay away as well.

In the end it was Craig, Bocky and Di on the podium with Will, Jason, Janine, Foley, Jock, Tony and Bruce rounding out the top ten. Thanks to the Delatite Hotel for some refreshing rehydrating drinks after.